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. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> more of their emotional homecoming and details on how it all happened. >>> we're following a developing story. late-breaking details in the deadly shooting at a gym near pittsburgh. what we're learning about the suspect. >>> a bold new positive pofl to reduce the number of teenage std cases about the area. wait until you hear what d.c. schools are talking about doing. news 4 midday starts right now. >>> you're watching nbc 4 live from the leading news station. this is "news 4 midday." >>> good morning. we begin this midday with breaking news. the two american journalists arrested, convicted and sentenced to a labor camp in north korea are finally back on u.s. soil. they arrived in california just about two hours ago after a harrowing journey. brooke hart with the late-breaking details now. >> reporter: journalists laura ling and euna lee touched down on u.s. soil and to the family reunion of their lives. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea.
to find new leaders, if we can do so, to replace a man who occupied that space all by himself. >> you use the word leader. not only was h a person who believed very strongly in his principles, but he was able to get things done in accordance with those principles, i a s gu a u'sthes tatarhema erkf leader. what w the qtyli that you think was -- that made him so etole g t hings done? >> now you're talking about the kennedy magic. here was a man firmly planted on the left. and yet, this is the same man who was more successful than any other. in creating an agreement and a consensus to bring those issues home. if he were there now, health care would not be in the frenzied state it is. we want to d t remember tne to edkey.nnkenn we ought to pass this billvegiem niveng meaning to s ttuhenareig ltsue of his life, hh eareca for the nation. >> well, congress woman eleanor holmes norton. thank you so much for talking with us on this day. thank you. >> of course. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >>> ted kennedy spent more than half of his life as a member of the u.s. senate. he left a memorable mark on his cou
today. tracoryee wilkins joins us live. >> reporter: this is the second largest school system in maryland. and in addition to focusing on the classroom, school owe officials are also focusing on the transportation that gets the little ones there. these are not the nervous ones here. >> i cried at the house. we both did. >> reporter: this is giving former six graders two more years in the elementary buildings before moving to high school. >> it will be teresting. i experienced leaving middle school and going to high school, and it was more exciting. we will see how it goes. >> one of the things we noticed, if you reduce the number of transitions, when a child moves from one school to another, you are more apt to address the needs of that young person. >> the doctor here is serving his first year at the school system. he still faces a number of hurdles as it continues to rate among the lowest performing school systems in the nation. >> we need to increase the achievements of our students. >> they plan to increase safety and accountability on school buses. there is a new card swi
and now authorities say they know why. megan mcgrath joins us live where a news conference just wrapped up. >> reporter: firefighters say that 80% of the first floor was fully engulfed by flames when they aived on the scene. this was a very, very large house. so this was a huge job from the get go. then fire crews arrived and tried to hook up to the hydrants. they could not get water on to the fire. and as they struggled, the home continued to burn. so what happened? the city released a preliminary report. we some have some answers. a 75-year-old corroded water pipe, that's what was servicing the fire hydrants in the neighborhood and that pipe and the inability to get enough water is one of the major factors that thwarted efforts to put out a massive fire. >> not only has it been here probably since the homes were of a much different size, but it is also probably of significant corrosion to have a tremendous impact on the amount of gallons that can be pumped through the pipes. >> reporter: according to a preliminary report released by the city, the two hydrants closest to the home pumped 3
with a burial here in arlington national cemetery. megan mcgrath joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy will be buried with congressional honors saturday evening. an army firing party will fire a volley and a bugler will play "taps" during the ceremony. visitors will be able to go to arlington. it will be open on saturday. but they will be kept away from the kennedy burial site. he was a son o massachusetts. but the liberal lion spent much of his time at his second home here in washington. ted kennedy's years in the senate along with his two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington national m cemetery much his grave expected to be 95 feet south wrf the eternal flame burns in memory of john f. kennedy. also buried at the site, brother robert. >> the hope rises again. >> reporter: while ted kennedy spent much of his life in the public eye, his burial service will be private with only family and friends in attendance. visitors wishing to see other parts of the cemetery will be able to do so but will be kept site. and robert e. lee house on the hill al
. we have a rather nice summer day underway. puffy clouds up above us right now. tom will join us now to tell us what we can expect for us and for tonight's redskins game. >> hey, tom, good morning again. >> delightful summer day underway, air not too humid. just a few clouds floating through. by kickoff tonight, in baltimore for skins and ravens at 7:30, temperatures should be in the upper 70s and shouldn't be too humid. looks like a good night for football, partly cloudy through the game. just a small chance of an isolated thundershower perhaps around the region by early evening. th by later in the ening things should improve. right now temperature 81 in washington. we're in the upper 70s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county. farther to our west, in the mid 70s. mid an upper 70s around the bay. current dew points are in the 60s. not too humid. just slightly humid on the eastern shore. temperatures in the upper 70s now. it is more humid there as well as southeastern virginia and the outer banks. lower humidity out in the mountains where they're still in the co
's heating up quickly. in fact, we have not seen temperatures like this all summer long. we are not used to it, so we are more susceptible to some of the heat illnesses that can result with the high heat and humidity. as a result, we have an excessive heat advisory, and in all the places you see in orange is covered. noon to 10:00 p.m. is when we will have the highest heat. the temperature is up to 90. 90 degrees here at 11:00 in the morning. it's going to continue to climb because we have plenty of sunshine. this is the current heat index. this is what it feels like when you add the in humidity. feels like 96 already in washington. the dew point is at 69 in washington. these dew points already now in the upper 60s and low 70s will be sweltering for the rest of the afternoon. the heat index may be near 195 by midafternoon when the temperature hits 98 degrees or so. i will have your forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend and how much longer the heat wave will last. we will let you know. that will come up in a few minutes. how will we will deal with the heat? >> reporter: a
at the irncar mele entarntchy school sometime this morning. police say someone used sod to spell out kkk and make a swastika in the parking lot. the vandalism has since been cleaned up. police are investigating this as a criminal matter. >>> the morning crash left a u.s. park police officer injured on the baltimore-washington parkway. two others were injured during at crash which happened south of route 197 in laurel. police say the officer was making a traffic stop. he was outside his cruiser when a third vehicle rear-ended the cruiser. that impact started a chain reaction that ended with the officer getting hit by the car that he had stopped. he was injured along with the drivers of the two other cars involved. everyone though is expected to be okay. >>> right now jerry edwards is looking at traffic again right now. traffic is moving on the bw parkway, right? >> joe, it is. within the last less than 30 minutes, authorities telling us they have reopened the bw parkway southbound. but that accident occurred height of the morning commute and bw parkway was a mess. alternes were a mess. we
attention. relieved this is season's first land falling storm wasn't stronger. >> it passed us by. >> reporter: but well aware hurricane season still has 14 weeks to go. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, panama city, florida. >>> for the latest on all three storm, we'll head upstairs. >> let's talk to tom. 14 more weeks of hurricane season. >> yeah, and the peak week is the second week of september, so we'll be ramping up as we get there. let's take a look at the tropics and look at all three. first of all, here is claudette just coming ashore this morning about six hours ago. here is washington, here's florida. it looks like claudette will stay to our west and pass to the west of the appalachians. here is tropical depression ana, just now to the southeast of puerto rico, which is here. and it does look like it's going to continue off to the west/northwest as a weak low pressure system over the next few days. and perhaps bring some more rain to florida. they've needed the rain. but this is the big story now, this is hurricane bill. you you can actually see the eye of the hurricane. bill
-and-run accident happened in southeast washington on the parkway at stanton road. and megan mcgrath joins us with more. >> this happened very early in the morning, around 2:30. police say a pedestrian was talking in the crosswalk at the intersection of suitland parkway and statten road when he was struck by a car. the car september going. it did not stay at the scene. the police are loong for a driver. >> the road closed in both directions this morning, and lying on the side of the road the body of a pedestrian. he was struck and killed around 2:30 in the morning. the driver kept going. police say the man was crossing when the car slammed into him. >> athis time we don't know if he was crossing against the signal or not, and that's part of the investigation. he was struck in the crosswalk by a vehicle, and he suffered blunt force trauma and was thrown about 120 feet. >> orange paint marks the spot where the victim landed. people say it's sad but not surprising, because cars often fly down this stretch of the highway. >> people are flying. it's a major thorough way into the area. even on the
will be kept away from the grave site. robert e lee's house will be used by the family beginning at noon on saturday. >> reporter: the entire burial site will be off limits to the public all day tomorrow. the first time the public will be able to see the grave sight will be on sunday morning when arlington opens at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. >>> and the museum just moved the silk screen print to its remembrance gallery. it was made to raise money for the presidential campaign. and the museum just started to display portraits of people > tomorrow morning, trrow morning, ke ey nn bwiedloellwn f to n a'sew f bor'scease and it coo arlington national segat aint :0thategins at >>> s wstay uhit >>> stay with us thr aouheee t f a thend weekend for cagnger for kennedy's fnefu kel.edy's funeral.e aorut hboeie and legacy a and legacy on our website at >>> let's take a look outside right now. we are watching some heavy rain headed this way. >> we have had low clouds here in the nation's capital all morning long. were under a flash flood watch later today. let's go to meteorologist, tom
and centervie? >> one u.s. representative is hoping that will be the case one day. he's making a big push on capitol hill for research and funding of this. news s tracy wilkins joins us live from the frankownia springfield metro station with reaction from commuters. what do they think? >> hi, tracy, good morning. >> reporter: they think it's a great idea. good morning, barbara. the commuters we talked to say they like it and they hope it happens and it happens soon. these are always long processes. but we're here at the franconia springfield station because this would be where the line would extend, from here to woodbridge if it did happen. some folks have been saying it needed to happen for some time. woodbridge is the main hub for slug lines and commuter buses, for workers trying to get around the i-95/395 corridocorridor, a traffic nightmare. >> i'm spendg two hours, three hours every day commuting to and from work. we have to make it faster. >> reporter: so when we told these commuters about a proposal to send metro their way -- >> that would be great. that would be a lot better. that
behind us and the apartment and couple restaurants, and the restaurants will not be serving food. they understand what is going on. hopefully this will be the low impact, it will be what is done right here and we will get moving after that. >> there you hear it, joe, hopefully a couple more hours to repair the pipe and get people up and running. we will keep an eye on it, and of course we will do that. >> thank you very much,two peopr > two people are in the sk trby conioutve aan ed 4treh 1etst .th e in4t 1h street. the incidents unw ider investigation. the injuries are not life threatening. >>> metro trains will continue to run slower than normal. the agency continues to run every train manually. the shift came after the crash in which nine people were killed. metro maghner, jo , kato says they will not run like that again until everything is fixed. >>> new today, aree branch comes crashing down onn apartment building in prince george's county. take a look at this picture. it happened on southern avenue and boulevard heights. the utilities had to be shut off. there are no repo
. megan mcgrath talked with the girl and her family and joins us from the neighborhood with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning, joe. you assume you are going to be safe inside your own home. that proves not to be the case for one family in southeast washington. they were home late last night, a mother and her three children, and they were inside their town house, and there was a commotion outside and somebody opened the fire. some of the bullets pierced the walls of the town house, went inside some of the rooms. a 14-year-old girl upstairs was shot twice in the back. she points out one of the bullet holes in her living room. last night her town home was hit by a hail of gun fire. the bullets pierced the wall and entered the house. her 14-year-old daughter, who was upstairs, was hit twice in the back. because she is a minor, we are disguising her face. >> it just struck me in the back. >> did you know you had been shot? >> i thought i had been glazed. >> how many bullets came into your house? >> nine. nine. but two struck her. and two was in her pillow, pulled out. they
in that country are now under interrogation. iranian state television is reporting that the issue is being used as propaganda against the islamic republic. shane bauer, sarah shourd and josh fattal were hiking when they reportedly strayed over the border into iran. they were detained after refusing to head warnings from border guards. >>> the cash for clunkers progra the white house is warning it could putter a stop by friday unless the senate approves another $2 billion for it. that decision could come today. the senate is under pressure. 250,000 trade-ins last week boosted car sales to their highest level in almost a year. skeptics are wary of the rush. >> it ran out of money in a week. prompting the house to rush a $2 billion extension before anybody even had time to figure out what happened with the first $1 billion. >> there are calls to verify clunkers are scraps, not resellables and to tighten fuel efficiency benefits. some dealers stopped offering the rebate because they are not confident the government will issue a refund. >>> we want to see how traffic is moving. to that we go to jer
this morning, the shriver family said this. she set out to change the world and to change us, and she did that and more. she founded the movement that became special olympics, the largest movement for acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. her work transformed the lives of millions of people across the globe. they, in turn, are her livingch legacy. those that knew the private side said she was a humble woman. and mary pierce has attended mass with the shrivers almost every day for the past 25 years. >> this is a good setting to start with that. i think that people may not know how dedicated they were to their faith. >> the headquarters of special olympics, the congresswoman has expressed her condolences. she said the special olympics has done more than any single action or pgram to free the public of discrimination of people with mental disabilities. and those sentiments will continue to pour in throughout the week and year. and this is a legacy that knows no end. reporting live in downtown, d.c. news4, and reporting back to you. >> thank you, kimberly. >> we
what is called a murder suicide. news4's tracee wilkins joins us live. >> reporter: at this point police are not releasing names of the couple pending the next of kin being notified. what we understand from neighbors is that the wife here is retired from the military, and her husband worked at costco in fredricks. they were planning to move out of the home before they were evict evicted. all the packing and moving stopped. >> it was around 8:00 last night when i thought something was not right. >> abigail called police after not seeing her neighbors for two days. >> i went over there to at the point them on tuesday of this week to help her pack, i packed her pantry and everything. >> reporter: but after the moving in and out and the packing of boxes cam to an abrupt stop. >> nothing, and the dogs came to the door barking. thursday, nothing yesterday all day. >> reporter: the home is the scene of an apparent murder sure side. they both appeared to have died of gunshot wounds. >> it's sad. everything haened. it brought them down once they took the house from them. >> reporter: abiga
pressure that gave us that rain is continuing to drag off to the east. as it does move away, it is pulling in some lower humidity in its place. our skies should go partly sunny over the next couple of hours with light breezes, only a small chance of additional light shower. highs reaching the upper 70s. a look at the rest of the week and weekend is coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >>> new admit day, the losses continue to mount for the united states postal service. the usps lost nearly $2.4 billion from april through june. that means the postal service has lost nearly $5 billion so far this year. it expects to lose nearly $7 billion by the end of next month. the agency already reduced hours at many offices and has proposed closing several hundred local post offices. congress has yet to act on allowing the postal service to cut mail delivery to five days a week. >>> meanwhile, retailers report sluggish sales for july. job concerns seem to be fueling the shoppers' reasons for fm the stores. mall-based chain stores are the biggest concern. in this back-to-school shopping season a
that cable doesn't? how about easy-to-use on screen widget that offer instant updates on local traffic, news, weather and more. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today to order fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month for the first six months. that's like getting all three amazing fios services for the price of two. and now get even faster internet speeds. plus, ask about our free wifi at thousands of hotspots nationwide. to get amazing tv, our fastest internet ever, and phone at this incredible low price, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today. >>> ring the bell. it's only august 3rd yet thousands of kids are heading back to school. it's a short summer for students in fairfax county, alexandria and arlington, starting the school year earlier than normal. we have more on why. >> reporter: well, it may only be august the 3rd, but some students in fairfax county are headed back to school, believe it or not. there are ten schools in the county that follow a modified calendar. that means that the
of the rain moving from southwe northeast, coming along a stalle us a passing afternoon otherwise mostly cloudy and rath humid. highs rnd a r upper 80s. maybe a chance of pasngevening,d otherwise cloudy tonight into tomorrow morning. and partly sunny a chance of a passing r each day mainly in remaining humid. highs in the 80s, and partly cloudy and a chance of afternoon thundershowers for thursday, friday and saturd. back to you. >>> now let's look at traffic, jerry. >> good morning, barbara and everybody. roadwork slowing down these folks in the northbound lanes of coquanerd. ee a good-sized delay there. and southbound, that's moving along well at this hour. elsewhere, there are no worries reported either way to and across the woodrow wilson bridge. i-66 cleared out for the morning commute. and between the capital beltway and frederick, and reportedly all lanes are open. back to you. >> thanks, jerry. >> more trouble for metro. a train operator was on drugs, apparently, when he made a dangerous mistake. a green line train left the station shortly before 5:00 p.m. on july 31st with two c
and east with a weak low riding along that giving the chance of rain to the areas south and east of us. and then we will have our sky clearing out tonight and during the day tomorrow. and it looks like bright and sunny, and will be cooler than average. we will stay dry through the end of the week. for the rest of the afternoon, sunny west and noh, and cloudy .st tdan t be down tonight we will into the 60s for the evening under a clear sky. by dawn in the 50s, a then feeling likeeat leptember or early october. tomorrow, and again on wednesday and thursday, highs reaching upper 70s, and sunshine. it shod stay dry, ,frayid saturday and sunday, and a bit itwa werh nighsrea w 80 degrees. that's the way it looks now. are you ready to rake leaves? >> i have a few on my lawn. >> yeah, some of the weaker drier ones are coming down. >> no, i am not ready to rake. >> yeah, we have to go to the beach first. >> we have labor day coming up. >> yeah. >>> let's go to jerry edwards now and see what the traffic looks like. >> i can't rake leaves. i just can't do it. capital beltway, construction signs u
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